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About Megomax

Megomax is the modern money-making opportunity.
It works simple: join free, buy Megomax tickets and start to earn.
This is perfect opportunity to EARN as well as to WIN money from the Megomax winning found.

With Megomax you can easy return 100% of your stake, and then to get money from the plenty of sources:

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It's your choice how would you like to get your money with Megomax!

When you play the lottery or gambling, it’s all about luck because the biggest part of money never be paid back to the most of players. But in Megomax the chances to get money become higher for everyone. This happens because all the money allot between all the Megomax members evenly.

ticketexample What is Megomax tickets?

With each Megomax ticket you can have up to:

€ 16 395 + extra winnings from the collected fund.

On the Megomax tickets you can see:

  • Ticket number
  • The list of seven members which receive winnings
  • The affiliate web site link for your enrollment online
  • QR-code for enrolling with your pocket device
How to Join?

  • Click SING UP at the top of the web-page
  • Get FREE LOGIN into your Member's Area
  • ACTIVATE your incomes by sending your payment of € 45 for your ticket.

Follow next easy steps to return your stake and participate for FREE!

As a member of Megomax you will get:

  • Three Megomax tickets with your name in the list
  • Your refferal link (to advertise and sell your tickets)
  • The opportunity to start receiving incomes immediately
  • The opportunity to get payments from the winning found

You can buy a ticket from any Megomax participiant.